Dance classes for wedding couples

1 month of lessons


Four one hour lessons (I recommend one per week). We’ll work on basics and getting comfortable dancing simply with each other and to the music.

3 months of lessons


With three months of lessons (one hour per week), we’ll work through basics, adding fun figures and turns. Kerry will also help you choose a song and practice your first dance.

6 months of lessons


In six months of lessons (one hour per week), we’ll really be able to build confidence, work on the personality of the dance, and you will take with you a lifelong skill.

“Kerry Genese is a hilarious, insightful and passionate teacher... When she’s not teaching, she’s dancing and learning and thinking about the best way to teach. She’s excellent at communicating complex subjects, like connection, in a way that is accessible and entertaining. Above all else, she excels at imbuing her students with her own infectious love of the dance.”

Carsie Blanton

Meet your teacher before you commit

Start with 30 minutes to get to know Kerry and get a feel for the kind of dancing you could be doing.

Questions? Contact Kerry at